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Primo PPGI / Color Coated PPGI / Pre-galvanized ferro picta Sheet / spiram

Locus Origin: Tianjin, Sinis
Notam nomen: Mors Goldensun
Model Number: GS01004
Certification: ISO BCE

Nobis loquere
Minimum Ordinis Quantity: 15TONS
Price: MALITIA XINGANG: USD per ton 500-800
Packaging Details: Primum plastic in sarcina, tunc uti charta IMPERVIUS, postremo ferrum sheet facis per mos est scriptor vel ex speciali petitio
Tempus adferendi: Intra XXX dies post depositum Recepti
Pensio conditio: XXX% T / T ni in antecessum, LXX% T / T statera intra V dies post B / L exemplum, Irrevocable C% L / C ad conspectu Irrevocable C% L / C post accipere B / 30-70 dies Domini, Domine / A
Facultates copiam: De re metrica (L) ton / De re metrica mense per Tons


latitudo 600 1500mm,
Crassitudo 0.12 5mm,
Latin 3302-1998 JIS G, ASTMA653M, GB / T MMDXVIII, Q / CHG2518-3, Ethicorum (X)CXLII, DX2005D, ENG10142, SGCD (DX51D + Z)
pondus coil 3-8tons (Can be customized)
technique Hot dipped galvanized, alum-zinc coating, pre-painted, color coating, etc.
cadmiae membrana dignitatis 60, 275g / m2

Crassitudine: +/- 0.02mm

Width: +/-2mm

Applicatio Steel structure, building exterior application, building material, roofing household, application, tube making, etc…
pluma uber Good performance, high precise, high straightness, high evenness and surface finishing, uniform thickness, easy for coating process, high tensile strength, high pressing property and low yield point
sarcina Wrapped with waterproof paper inside, galvanized steel covered, tied by steel strip, supported by pallet, then loaded in container or according to customer’ requirements

Packing and Product:

09  10

11  12

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