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    We started the steel business since 2005, and then established the company in the name of Goldensun. With years of development, we have a fantastic team and together we keep on developing and improving ourselves and every procedure in our chain. Our goal is to provide the highest service level and develop ongoing, sustainable supply to our customers,  reach for the win-win in every relationship and develop them long-lasting. Thanks to our young, motivated, hardworking team & all the customers. We believe we can create a bright future.

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    Wilson | Managing Director

    Digitalization has handed clients and suppliers the tools to come ever closer, however global trading of steel and chemical products is still inherently risky and filled with pitfalls due to a lack of trust clients encounter in the counterparties they are dealing with. I am 100% convinced that our clients are best served by linking-up with Goldensun Team, and by doing so will not only enjoy the most competitive prices but also the peace of mind that they are in the hands of experienced and dynamic traders that defend and take ownership of their interests. Hope to do business with you.

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    Uzun | Product Manger

    Hi, I am Mr. Lang. I am very glad and proud to be one of the members of Goldensun Family since 2007. My work is: ensure customer needs are met and that the product remains competitive, collaborate with a cross-functional team of engineering, design, product marketing, and research to build amazing experience with our customs; Understand customer pain points, assist in defining solutions and bring them to life. Sincerely hope that we can work together in the near future.

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    Vera | Sales Director

    Hi, my name is Vera. Because of my professional interest in international business and trading, I have joined in our Goldensun team since Aug, 2009. During the past 11 years, I have attended upto 20 exhibitions home and abroad, and build long term relationship with many customers, such as in Africa, Middle East, South America ect. We believe that trust is the core of our business and I stand by this principle in every step of the way. We will grow up together with our clients and our team.

    Mob: + 86 17526556596